Monday, February 28, 2011

Loose Tooth

My son Ty lost his first tooth a couple days ago. Most mom's would be excited at this achieved milestone. I for one was terrified. With SPD I never know how Ty will react to a new situation. Would he be obsessed with getting the tooth out? Would it feel funny and this would bother him? Would he cry or scream because he didn't understand what was going on? These are all possibilities that could happen. I'm happy to say that none of the above happened. I was quite relieved and took that quick moment to say a pray and thank GOD that Ty had a "normal" reaction to something that is inevitable. Some people may think this is strange, but if you ask a mom who has a child with special needs they will get it. It's rare when those moments happen and can take us quite by surprise. It's a good and bad thing because your happy that he didn't freak out but then you say to yourself, he's getting better. But it's not really a matter of whether he is getting better or not because SPD never goes away and I have to tell myself that daily almost hourly. Ty was so excited that his tooth fell out, he was also excited to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to come. But then again nothing is easy when it comes to my son. He lost his tooth in the car(actually my husband lost it)Mark and Madison scoured the car until they found that itty bitty tooth. We brought it home and Ty is excited to share the news with his older brother he goes into his room and throws it up into the air proclaiming "I lost a tooth" the tooth comes down, we can't find it. Ty does not let this discourage him and he goes on his merry way forgetting about the tooth. I, later that evening realize I need to find the tooth because he wants the tooth fairy to come. I get on my hands and knees scouring the carpet for the tooth. I found it! In my 16 year old's bedroom no doubt! I come out and set it on the table telling my husband I found the tooth! He is excited as I. Fast forward to bed time, Ty says "I don't have my tooth" I tell him no worries will take care of it, to my surprise he did not pitch a fit and went to bed. When it was time for me to go to bed, I go to get the tooth so I can put it away and place the "tooth fairy's money under the pillow" I look on the table, it's gone. Let's count this it is like the third time I have to find an itty bitty tooth. I ask Mark where did the tooth go? I put it right here on the table next to you. He had thrown some papers away, I almost lost it! I am not digging in the trash for that tooth! "YOU ARE"! Luckily neither of us had to do that because as I was looking on the floor next to the table there it was! It's now dubbed the lucky tooth! What is it about being a mom that makes you do whatever it takes to get the job done? It's a tooth for crying out loud! The next morning Ty wakes up comes into my room yelling, "the tooth fairy came" he excitedly shows me his dollar(from the tooth fairy) and then drops it on the floor and runs out the door! Dollar and tooth forgotten in a mere 30 seconds.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog...

For a long time I have wanted to start a blog, not because I think I have really important things to say. But because like most of you out there I need a place to organize my thoughts, try to be creative and I think like most mom's want a place to chronologically stay sane. Now as a mother of four(two boys, two girls) Many of my moments are probably not sane. Chronologically I'm lucky if I don't forget the ages of my children which by the way is 16 1/2, 14, 8 and 6! for those followers(man I hope I get some)that don't know me(those of you that do, bear with me). I have been married to the most wonderful husband(except my friend's Julies husband) for almost 17 years..Wozzers! Okay so I may have a little ADD so from time to time I may get off topic as I'm about to do right now. My husband just texted me and my youngest son Ty has officially lost his first tooth. I will try and post a picture later. We have four beautiful, sometimes not so nice children which I think is a pretty realistic statement on my part. By oldest to youngest it goes A.J., Karly, Madison and Ty. So I'm sure you can image that life is pretty full. One thing you must know, all the stories I'm about to divulge are entirely and completely the truth! As most mothers can attest the best stories can sometimes come from our children. But to really understand the depth of my stories you need to know that Ty is a very special boy. According to "What happens when your pregnant" I thought it was relatively true to what I was going through in my 4th pregnancy. After all I had done it four times how in the world could I mess it up. So that's the mystery of science. As we welcomed our last bundle of joy(which by the way I did cry for several months when I found out I was pregnant-because I said how in the world can I manage four!) Well let me just tell you something God does not give you anything that you can't handle, you might not like it and it might really be hard but you can do it, and do, it and do it. Ty developed fine until about 10 months, he seemed slightly delayed in some milestones but was not completely worried about it since I figured we all did everything for him. Long story short and believe me it's a long story we have come to find out Ty has sensory processing disorder(SPD) for short. In a nutshell this means his senses are in a traffic jam, he has motor, speech, and fine motor delays. There are different severity's and different ways it can manifest so no one child who has SPD is the same. I was already on the rollercoaster with the three children I had but Ty was a whole other dynamic he is like four children in one. I went from riding the Gadgets go coaster at Disneyland they call it a "junior" coaster to smack dab in the middle of Space Mountain where I was completely in the dark and alone about most things I thought I knew to be true. So for your pure enjoyment I hope to share some interesting and sometimes off the wall things that I do know to be true. Can't wait to share! Thank you to all my friends who have encouraged me along the way to start blogging, I hope you enjoy!